About Us

Our Mission Statement

The plant

Excellence in manufacturing provided by our people, processes, and products combined with our Midwestern values and work ethic, while striving for 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Background

Since 1994 we’ve been providing fiberglass product manufacturing from our plant in Kansas. In 2011, we opened a brand new, environmentally-friendly production facility. We use closed-mold and traditional open mold production processes.

Our central location and knowledgeable employee base create a winning combination for you. You get a high value product at a fair price. You get excellent communications at all levels and all phases of the production process. You work with people that excel at fiberglass product manufacturing. That’s why ATC Composites is the right choice for you.

Our approach is personalized. It is focused on your fiberglass product manufacturing needs. Our goal is to help you quickly and effectively. ATC Composites does things right the first time, all at highly affordable rates.

Our Core Values