How We Work

Custom Fiberglass Production

There’s a reason companies across the U.S. turn to ATC Composites for custom fiberglass fabrication and production – actually many reasons. No matter what the reason though, all know ATC Composites to be trusted custom fiberglass production experts. Our services create consistent quality with shorter production times.

Our wide range of technologies allows us to use closed-mold as well as open mold processes. This gives you the right mold and production process for your products at a price that will make you smile.

We also have one of the country’s most extensive gel coat color inventories – more than 700 colors. And if gel coating is not right for your needs, we can also paint to your specifications.

Our Work

Our approach is personalized and custom tailored to meet the unique requirements of your products. ATC Composites uses the latest in fiberglass production technology throughout the design, modeling, molding, production and shipping processes.

We can handle most any custom fiberglass application. We’ve made products such as waterslides, motorcycle fenders, raised roofs for vans, Nacelle (wind turbine) bodies and nose cones, bumper covers, canoes…any custom application with fiberglass means you should talk with us.

Our Approach

ATC Composites operates from our new environmentally-friendly, state-of-the-art facility built before the summer of 2011. We give you the best custom fiberglass production facilities and results available anywhere in the United States.

We’ve served happy customers since 1994 by:

Our Facility

Our new state-of-the-art facility in Ottawa, Kansas is clean, green, and comfortable. We have installed top of the line ventilation systems throughout the facility so that our employees do not have to wear respirators or any other personal protective equipment other than safety glasses. All dust that is created in our plant is done in a controlled environment so that it is bagged and thrown away at the end of everyday keeping the plant and your product clean. We also have full paint shop capabilities in our new booth that is water-based paint capable. These things combined with high ceilings, bright lights, and temperature control, not only produces great products, but make it a great place to work.

Send us an email and tell us about your needs. You can also call us at 800-983-2787.